Tehran Municipality Fire and Safety Services Organization, as the eye and custodian of city safety, due to the growth of fire and accidents, has focused all its efforts on observing safety points in architecture, structure and access to new and existing urban uses and hopes. With the cooperation of all relevant institutions, including the Engineering System Organization, National Building Regulations, National Standards Organization, Tehran Municipality, Road, Housing and Urban Development Research Center, we will witness the increasing development of urban safety, especially in the field of urban structures.

Smoke in fires reduces visibility and leads to increased casualties. According to fire statistics, smoke is more deadly than flames, heat and debris. Therefore, the installation of smoke control and evacuation equipment has a great impact on the safety of buildings against fire. These systems, by reducing the concentration of smoke and toxic gases from fire in the environment, reduce the damage caused by suffocation due to smoke and also provide more suitable conditions for the operation of rescue and fire forces....

The rules of ventilation, evacuation and smoke control systems are related to all devices, equipment and arrangements for evacuating or controlling smoke caused by fire or ventilation of a space in such a way that its air conditions are not dangerous for human breathing. Be.

Smoke evacuation systems are a system consisting of evacuation fans, fresh air, ducts, valves, jet fans, dampers, control devices, etc., which are designed to evacuate or control smoke and products caused by fire.

In this regard, in order to evacuate the gases caused by fires and car smoke, the ventilation company of suction and ventilation facilities as the official representative of Pitsan Turkey, BVN Turkey and Hungaro Hungary, the official approval of import and sale of F300 products of these companies including Smok Fan Has obtained centrifuges, axial and jet fans from the country's fire department. The opposite list shows the production and import equipment of the suction and ventilation facilities ventilation company, which is approved by the country's fire department and is on the list of this organization.

Providing consulting services for model selection, location of jet fans as well as installation of devices

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