Installation and maintenance instruction of pulley belt exhaust fan

1. Adjust impeller rotation in the direction of the arrow embedded on thedevice.

2. Make sure thatthe fasten connections are located on the top of the electric motor.

3. Input and output channels designed with the appropriate dimensions and thickness,in addition use required flanges and connections periodically in order to avoid making noises.

4. When connecting fan to channel, in order to uniform air fluid must embeddirect channel 1/5 times of diameter of fan, and preferably do not use gooseneck in this distance.

5. Use canvas and rubber tubing to make connection between channel and fan. It is recommended avoid bending and making depression on it.

6. After installing electrical cables in accordance with electrical specifications of fan, control used ampere at the time of machinefunctioning, so that electric current does not exceed the maximum ampere of electric motor.

7. It is obligatory to use electrical panel with power switch and phase control.

8. It is obligatory to make an appropriate foundation according to the weight and dimensions of machine (preferably 20cm greater than the dimensions of fan chassis) and with steel plates which were embedded in machine to be connected to the second chassis fan and generally balance is required.

9. Proceedto service and adjust impeller belt after initial functioning(maximum seven days)(it is noteworthy that impeller belt should not be adjusted under pressure in the middle of two cast iron pulley more or less than 1 inch).

10. It is recommended to oil bearing regularly and every two months.

11. It is obligatory to visit periodically (once a month) all machines and service all parts.

12. In case of unusual and abnormal vibrations, immediately shut off the machine and control different parts in this order (connector bolts, pullies, impeller belt, bearing, shaft…).

13. Benefit from experts for service and/orfor probable repairs and avoid makingany change in original structure of fan without coordination with technical support department and after-sales service in order to take advantages of warranty period.

14. Guarantee includes impeller casing, pully, shaft, stabilizer; electrical motor and pully belt are not considered as machines’ guarantee.

15. (In the case of failure to install machine properly) the machine is not included guarantee according to report of company’s representative.

16. The cost of personneldispatchingand traffic will be received for each service.

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